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Write down your top shows and then tag 10 friends to do the same. 10 favourite TV shows (in no particular order other than what comes to mind first):

  1. Battlestar Galactica
  2. Fringe
  3. Game of Thrones
  4. Rick and Morty
  5. Gintama
  6. House of Cards US
  7. Scrubs
  8. Community
  9. Breaking Bad
  10. Star Wars: The Clone Wars

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Guys, I could really use a beta-reader. I’m editing a thing and could use someone to look over it as I go along. Volunteers, please step forward.

Here is some stuff.

First off, I have never had a beta-reader. Except once for about 2 months and it was supposed to be a swap thing, but they were only interested in thier own writing. I’m happy to be critiqued on all areas, though I know my grammar tends to be rough. Story specific discussions are also very welcome. I’m happy to roll with whatever you wish to throw my way. I’m still writing this, and plan to go back to that once I finish my editing spree, so while I know what I’m planning, new eyes could be very helpful.

What you’ll be reading is fantasy, magic, another world, etc, though please do not expect epic fantasy. I draw largely on myths and fairy tales though not always. My style of writing is also… I’m not sure how to say it best, but if you want ye olde high speech peppered with thee’s and thou’s you will not find it here. Nor will you find names with a random apostrophe or massive prologues about the previous 6000 years of history.

I mock with love, people. I love those books. But I’m aware that isn’t what I write and that a lot of people expect that from a fantasy book. I need people who at least might be predisposed to like this, who might pick it up in a library or book shop.

I don’t sell myself well, but if you have the time for some reading, then reply or drop an ask my way and I can send snippet to read and you can see it if piques your interest.

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is it weird to get really offended when someone says they just googled spoilers for BSG… because i just did






jesus christ im turned on

it’s a puma!

Houses of Azeroth

Mass Effect Trilogy + Cinematic Trailers

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